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Habanero Steve's

Artisan Chilli Products

Our Story So Far

We are a family owned producer of hot sauce and chilli based preserves from County Down, Northern Ireland.

As passionate foodies and chilli fanatics, we make all our products in small batches to ensure the highest quality and flavour. Each batch contains real chillies,  which ensure our products have a unique depth of both flavour and heat.


Unlike some other companies, at Habanero Steve's we will never use chilli extract to add heat, instead we prefer to allow the natural flavour of the individual chillies to do the talking.

Whether you like a chutney or relish with just enough warmth to tingle your taste buds, or you're a real chillihead who loves a hot sauce with a scoville rating to blow your head off, Habanero Steve's has something to tempt you!

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