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Our Background

We are a Northern Irish artisan producer of hot sauce, chilli jam, relish & chutney. All our products contain chilli, but we aren’t just about the heat - with us it's all about the flavour.

We are passionate about making our products the tastiest they can be whilst adding just the right amount of heat. Whether you like a chutney or relish with just enough warmth to tingle your taste buds, or you're a real chillihead who loves a hot sauce to blow your head off, Habanero Steve's has something in our range to tempt you!

Habanero Steve's was born in the early Spring of 2013 when we decided to try our hand at growing chillies. It must have been a good summer that year because we ended up with loads of chillies and weren't sure what to do with them. We decided to make a batch of chilli jam using our home grown chillies and flavour it with fruit from our garden too. It was a big success, full of flavour and so versatile. We sold a few at charity events, car boot sales etc, and very slowly it began to build from there.

Based in the seaside town of Bangor in beautiful County Down, we grow many different varieties of chilli in our greenhouses and polytunnel.

Our success varies from year to year thanks to our northerly climate, but we are getting to know which chillies survive and thrive best in Northern Ireland.

Some, like our purple Jalepeño and our Padrons, we use for cooking - great stuffed with soft cheese for Jalepeño poppers, or lightly fried Padrons, sprinkled with a little sea salt. Delicious! Other varieties we grow for their citrus flavours, like our Aji varieties, which you will find in our Pineapple Napalm and seasonal Crackin' Christmas Cranberry chilli jam.


Our collection of super hot chillies change slightly from year to year, but varieties we are particularly fond of include the Carolina Reaper, Dorset Naga, Trinidad Scorpion and the Fatalli. These can be found in our Reaper Relish and some hot sauces.

As well as seasonal specials, we offer dried chillies,  and occasionally, chilli seeds. Check out our shop to see what's in stock, or head to our FAQ’s section to ask a question of your own.

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